It is very difficult for groups like The Garw Wombles or to get funding or grants because they are not Constituted which means a load of paperwork, meetings, minutes and a load of bureaucracy.
We don’t need all that.

Now you can support the rejuvination of the Garw Valley by signing up with Patreon which allows people to donate online for just 25p a week or make a one-off donation. The pledges will go towards paying for vans to take away rubbish from fly-tipping zones, tools for regeneration projects, weed killer, wild flower seeds and bulbs, trees, fruit trees, composts, vegetable patches, the repair of heritage walls, and anything else to make the place beautiful, a “Valley of Eden”. If enough people sign up we can build skateboard parks, open community centres and a lot more. Your pledges will create the content of this patreon account and make this possible.

The Patreon page shows you exactly what I’m doing and where your donations are being spent.

You can opt in or out at any time. (see one-time pledges below)

No patreon pledges will be spent on wages.

With your support and The Garw Wombles can acheive wonderful things.

Thank You for your support.
Peace & Love

To make a one-time pledge simply delete your pledge after you’ve been successfully charged or after the first of the month. You’ll know when that happens because you’ll receive an email confirmation right after the 1st of the month or when you’ve been charged that says your pledge has successfully processed.


List of Patreons:
Nicola Rogers

Neil Walters

Laura Milligan

Roz Stirman




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